Aware and Active

Participatory project promoting respect of European values, open minded society and social inclusion through civic participation of young people including refugees, migrants and asylum seekers 

The story of Aware and Active

In the last years, Europe has been facing many difficulties. An economic crisis, a wave of refugees coming from the war ridden areas of the world (Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq and many African countries). Violent extremism and terrorist attacks have shaken Europe while at the same time, xenophobia, islamophobia and racism have grown stronger. 

These are not easy times for the European Union, but that’s why these days it is especially important to stand in support of fundamental values that lie at the heart of the EU:

respect for human dignity, freedom (including freedom of expression), democracy, equality, the
rule of law and respect for human rights. 

And the EU is determined to encourage these values and lay foundations for more inclusive society through education. Education that not only develops competencies and foster values, but also help young people – in close cooperation
with parents and families – to become active, responsible, open-minded members of society.

Paris declaration:

We must build on children’s and young people’s sense of initiative and the positive contribution they
can make through participation, while reaffirming the common fundamental values on which
our democracies are based.

With the Aware and Active project, we wanted to give all young people, including those to whom Europe has become a new home, the support and opportunity for being active and experience participation in their local communities. Through engaging in awareness raising activities on human rights and democratic values, around 400 young people in 6 European countries experienced that they can be an active voice in the society and they don’t have to make only big things to make impact. Every small action matters.


Promote intercultural dialogue and respect and positive benefits of a diverse society among general public in Europe

Foster active youth participation

Improve access to the Erasmus+ programme and social inclusion through civic participation of young refugees, migrants and asylum seekers

Enhance critical thinking and media literacy among young people, youth workers and educational staff

Project activities

the summary of what happened during 3 years of project duration

Training for trainers

Training of 13 youth trainers from all participating countries who trained young multipliers afterwards

The training aimed to improve trainers’ skills related to
information literacy, critical thinking and campaigning. The trainers were also trained on how to improve their work with young migrants, refugees and asylum seekers together with young people called “in between” population – those that are not yet having strong opinions on migration, democracy, diverse societies and are confused by the contradictory messages they see in various medias. The training focused on creative approaches that supported the trainers to use inspiring methods and motivate young people to prepare interesting awareness raising activities. The training took place in September 2017,

Trainings for young people and "Ideas labs"

20 trainings and Ideas labs, 425 trained multipliers (47 % with migration background)

One of the first steps in the project was to bring young people from different backgrounds together on 2,5 day trainings built on methods of non-formal learning. After getting to know each other and the project, the group dived into the topic of critical thinking and media literacy which were followed by sessions focused on understanding the concept of awareness raising activities. The final part of the training was the “Idea Lab” – creative process in which young people developed concrete ideas for awareness raising activities they could later organize in their local communities.

European Ideas labs

Bringing ideas together and defining a common strategy

The event took place in June 2018 in Ljublana. It brought together participants from all the countries along with their messages and ideas for awareness raising activities. Based on these outcomes from local Ideas labs, the young people developed a strategy for the European campaign that aimed to contribute to the change of the narrative about migration and refugees in Europe. The campaign with a name Young Together wanted to spread the message about young people (regardless of their background) acting together to build better communities and standing for human rights and democratic values. The whole process of creating the campaign and its main activities was facilitated by external campaign expert.

European campaign and awareness raising activities

#YoungTogether for Inclusive Europe Total of 34 awareness raising activities implemented by 298 multipliers, reaching around 2700 people

Young people carried out various types of awareness raising activities on the local level. At the same time, online Young Together campaign was running mostly on social media and culminated with a twitter storm on 10 December 2018 during International Human rights day. Learn more about the campaign and its activities here.

DEOR Fair Aware and Active

Ideathon on inclusion of young migrants, refugees and asylum seekers in youth work

Ideathon was an event where after 3 years of Aware and Active project duration, more than 60 participants shared their experience, results, lessons learned and challenges from the work with migrants, refugees and asylum seekers. See the report to find out more.

Young Together campaign

The campaign ran from March 2018 till March 2019 and reached around one million people on social media

people reached on social media

And how was Aware and Active project for those who were actively involved in it?