Get detailed information about what was happening in the project activities and get some inspiration from project’s best practices

Compendium of the best practices

Compendium is one of the results of the desk research of the Aware and Active project conducted to identify and collect best practices of the the projects supported under Erasmus+ programme: Youth in Action

Report from Ideathon (deor fair) on inclusion of young migrants, refugees and asylum seekers in youth work

Ideathon was an event where after 3 years of Aware and Active project duration, more than 60 participants shared their experience, results, lessons learned and challenges from the work with migrants, refugees and asylum seekers. This final report collects the main outcomes from the event.

Inclusion guidelines

Guidelines for involving young migrants, refugees and asylum seekers in the different activities of the Aware and Active project and other educational projects.

Toolkit for trainers

In the beginning of the project, young people from all participating countries (including migrants, refugees and asylum seekers) were invited to participate in the trainings and "Ideas Lab" activity that offered them a space to design their own awareness raising activities and agree on their main messages.

This training toolkit served as a methodological guideline for trainers implementing the training on the national level, ensuring that competencies such as critical thinking, media literacy or campaigning basics are covered within the training.


The report summarizes the implementation of all 20 trainings and ideas labs that have taken place across Europe. The report also includes messages and ideas developed by young people when preparing the action plans for their awareness raising activities.

report from European ideas lab

European Ideas lab was an event where 60 participants from all the participating countries gathered to create and plan a common European campaign "Young Together" aimed to foster mutual understanding and respect among people with the different ethnic backgrounds. The whole process was facilitated by the external campaign expert.


This Compendium brings together best practices of small actions, campaigns and activities implemented by local young people together with young migrants, refugees and asylum seekers during the "YoungTogether" campaign in their local communities.

RECOMMENDATIONS for better integration of young people with migration background

In Aware and Active project, we were working with young people with migration background. In this document, we share our experience and recommendations on what worked well for us to make integration work.

podcast: experience with aware and active project

This podcast present the Aware and Active project through eyes of different people involved in the project: youth worker, national coordinator and a trainer.